The Free Speedy Client Management Software Audit

Assess where you’re wasting time and energy with your 1 to 1 client management software.

For solo business owners who sell 1 to 1 services online (even if you deliver the service offline).

There are multiple pieces to the client management puzzle, from booking appointments to collecting testimonials and everything in between.

And you want the whole process of working with your 1 to 1 clients to be as easy as possible - for you and them - so you can focus on delivering your expertise, not on keeping track of admin and tasks you might be about to forget.

But do you know what’s working for you and what’s frustrating you?

How do you know if some (or all) of your 1 to 1 client management software needs an overhaul?

This speedy audit tool will help you think through each element in the puzzle to decide what’s working for you and your clients, and what needs to be changed.

Because once you get the right systems in place for you, you can put down that extra mental load you carry for each client. 

And what you do with that new brain space is up to you:

  • You could create space to take on more clients.
  • Maybe you’ll finally have time to build that course or create the group program you’ve been wanting to get round to.
  • Or perhaps you’ll just sit back in satisfaction that you can run your business with a little more ease each day.